evidence of success in original objectives

1993 abc Peter Ross Sunday Arts

high street kew east

grannies big pink underpants

the baby rap

interview - full time living, 7 years as professional poet, previous employment.

k: "it helps to hear it", "the author can express the emotion" , "grandmother was a great storyteller".

pr: "no poems in greek?"

k: "only one in gringlish, I am a product of the dynamic australian culture".

pr: "how do you overcome resistence in school room?"

k: "I do a performance and they see that it is written in their language, it's about things that they can relate to, it's modern, and it's easy to understand". Student writing, bush ballad tradition

k: "poetry is a function of human beings, to share.

pr: "what is the authentic australian voice,

k: "too many australian voices, and that is good, diversity is great"

K: "role model, in my childhood there were too few alternative models; doctor; lawyer; or fish and chip shop owner".

k: "I am able to affect attitude change in the classroom, and I can earn a living doing what I enjoy'.

bombay café