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</td></tr><tr><td>uqp published poet/accepted by establishment - evidence of success in original objectives

<h1>1991 bgs 

superwog at book lauch at greek club in west end </h1>

<p>if I was the son of an englishman </p>

<p>"a very in demand performance poet, everyone can relate to". </p>

<p>the baby rap - obviously slurring words by now </p>

<p>bgs residency - </p>

<p>"embraced by the 'so-called' establishment now as being a recognised writer - gratifying to have myself presented to an assembly of boys as something to aspire to."</p>

<p>boys reading, talking in workshop </p> 

<p>"he's more of what we are, his ideas come from what we all experience". 

<p>bustalk - back to book launch</p></td></tr>