evidence of innovation in education - encouraging others to create.promoting poetry as a positive experience.

1987 sbs Vox Populi

childhood in richmond (dramatised in streets of richmond) - edited - not all lines, filmed at Troubador, Brunswick street.

Writer in residence at broadie book of stories workshop.

Outlined project.

"it was a community education exercise but has done more than that, it has produced 118 young people who see themselves as writers, who have been published in a book, and who are being read by other people. poem by student about rich/poor workshop on difference.

"different because I was from a greek family, and different because I was fat. When I started wrtiting I started investigating these things".

son of an englishman

greek background - influence on your poetry

"in the early stuff I was trying to work out my identity, it doesn't influence it much now, I am more influenced by the factors that influence all people in society; the world politics, the economic system in this country and where I am in that scale of economics, the jobs i do, the effects of noise pollution, of living in a big city, of growing up in a big city, of growing up in a television generation, all those things affect me more than my ethnicity."

"inspiration from the kids I'm working with."

"concerned that people have been turned off writing as an entertainment form".

"recent poems have looked at my friends and the lifestyles that they lead".

my friends

"life in general. political issues at a personal level, seeing myself in that situation and laughing at myself as well".