personal objectives - setting the agenda for a career in creative writing

1985 komninos manifesto launch, brunswick community arts centre, with liz hall.

childhood in richmond

liz hall - pop out like peas

komninos "I started writing poetry as therapy,then found I could express other things as well"

liz 'so you say you bastards'

komninos - punks

"meeting poets like pio and tom the street poet made me realise my own life was a valid content for poetry meaning of life."


"I'm into performance, and taking it to new audiences. I want to change people's idea about poetry, especially kids at schools and audiences that aren't expecting a poet, that have a preconceived idea about what poetry is and go away with a different idea"

high street kew east


son of an englishman

k: "ha ha I get a junior emeritus pension from the australian government paid in the form of unemployment benefits. I'm averaging 60 or 70 bucks over the dole.."

k: "at poetry readings the people who have already developed a prejudice against poetry don't come so it's an appreciative audience. I want to get to the people who have already formed an opinion and try to change that opinion, so I like to perform in schools, street festival, where there are a lot of people passing by, unsuspecting.

k: "I like to perform at music venues."